Donald Trump Accepts the Title of being the Most Pro-gay President in American History

Richard Grenell is the first openly gay person to serve in a U.S. cabinet-level position. U.S. President Donald Trump nominated Grenell to serve as the U.S. Ambassador to Germany in 2018. Later President Trump appointed Grenell as Acting Director of National Intelligence in the Trump Cabinet in 2020. [1] Last week, Grenell posted a 3-minute […]

The Joe Biden 2020 Presidential Campaign is Promoting Pope Francis’ Climate Change Encyclical, Laudato Si’

Joe Biden is running for president and he has presented his “vision for America.” Part of his vision is to establish an economy with “100 percent clean energy” and “zero emissions” in the United States. On his official campaign website, Biden has promised to become a steward of “our creation and protect our planet against […]

Retired St. Louis Police Captain was Murdered by “Protesters” During a Night of Looting

Captain David Dorn was a 38 year police veteran and leader in the community. The local news reported that he was “very dedicated” to the “youth, especially disadvantaged youth.” Captain David Dorn wanted the youth “to do the right thing all the time.” He was “bigger than life” and a “fun” and “happy guy,” the […]

President Trump Officially Designated Houses of Worship as “Essential” and Called on Governors to Allow them to Open

Churches in some states are being unfairly and unconstitutionally targeted. Far more restrictions are being placed upon houses of worship than on secular businesses. For example, in Minnesota, churches can only have 10 people at a time while restaurants, bars, salons and barbershops are allowed to have 50 people. [1] Minnesota shopping malls and retail […]

The New Social Distancing Criminals

Government officials and mayors across the country are cracking down on “criminals” who violate social distancing laws. Public health experts are constantly creating new and ever-changing social distancing policies. These policies are then being used to create a new type of “criminal” out of ordinary citizens during the coronavirus crisis. Chicago Mayor Lorrie Lightfoot severely […]

The COVID-19 Projection Models Have Spoken

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has admitted that they are using a variety of models to try and predict the spread and deaths of COVID-19. Through complex forecasting systems, the CDC is making “projections” about what they believe is going to happen. Notice what the CDC says: “What the Forecasts Aim to […]